About the Work

Figurative Work


 The style of my  figurative work harks back to my  years in Italy and the influence of early Renaissance painting. I try and capture the stylized figures,  rich costumes and ornate borders of that period and apply those to my chosen subjects. Probably from those same early experiences growing up in Rome, with the past so apparent on nearly every street, I have a keen interest in history and past cultures. I research my subjects from period art work, photos, museums and books.

Acrylic Flow Painting Series


If you look at anything from cactus skeletons, to the movement of wind and oceans, to the very cells of our body, all form seems to have a pronounced commonality; Flow.

Most of my life I have been a keen observer of the visual themes that weave through nature. The entire cosmos, from the tiny atom to enormous galaxies, display striking similarities. Images of rock, water, flame, wood, clouds, even outer space can be hard to distinguish for one another. The similarities between the shape and patterns of bone, and the currents in the sea and sky are uncanny.

These paintings represent my joy in discovering a technique that naturally lends itself to expressing the universal flow that weaves through and around us in a spectacular dance. 

The acrylic flow technique is extremely messy, unpredictable and tremendous fun. You can have something in mind but ultimately the paint  is will do as it likes. The results are usually surprising and very interesting. Click the link on the right and have a look.

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